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Ear Nose Throat

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The department that deals with the ear, nose and throat and also deals with the diseases that affect the neck and head regions apart from these regions is the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases. The main diseases that can be seen in this section are disorders in smell and taste, respiratory, hearing and balance functions. Among the main causes of diseases are bacteria, viruses and fungi.

What are the Diseases of the Ear Nose and Throat Department?

Allergic nasal diseases (hay fever), nasal congestion, runny nose problems,
Diseases such as sinusitis, otitis media, hearing loss in the newborn period, ear-related diseases such as tinnitus, hearing loss, humming, dizziness, imbalance, tonsil and adenoid problems are among the diseases of the Ear Nose and Throat Department. If it is necessary to separate these diseases in terms of ear, nose and throat, you can find some diseases belonging to each section as follows.

Ear Diseases

Labyrinthitis, Meniere's disease, vertigo (dizziness), excessive calcification in the ear, ear flu, fluid accumulation in the middle ear, acute and chronic inflammations, ear tumors are some examples of ear diseases.

Nose Diseases

Nasal diseases include allergic and seasonal rhinorrhea, nasal concha problems, tumors that may occur in the nose, chronic sinusitis, and loss of sense of smell.

Throat Diseases

Throat diseases are another diseases that fall under the Department of Otorhinolaryngology. Diseases such as reflux, pain in the throat and jaw, esophageal diseases, snoring and sleep apnea are some of the diseases in this section. With the right diagnosis and treatment method, the person can get rid of these diseases and return to a healthy life.

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals Department of Otorhinolaryngology

In our hospital, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of every ailment that may arise related to otorhinolaryngology is carried out with modern devices and endoscopic methods.

It is our first priority to show the dedication and effort required to regain your health by choosing the right diagnosis and treatment methods suitable for your problems with our specialist doctors and health personnel.

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Ear Nose Throat

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