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Patient Guide

Patient Guide

Dear Guest; From the moment you apply to Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals, our aim is to provide you with the best health service throughout your treatment and to make you comfortable during your treatment with the latest technological infrastructure in expert hands. Our Patient Guide contains information about the services provided in our hospital. It will be a road map for you throughout your treatment. Thank you for surrendering your health to us.

There is a central air conditioning system in our hospital. You can adjust the temperature of your rooms with the thermostats on the wall at the entrance of the room.

The service is provided by Baran Ambulance, which is our contract company. You can reach us 24/7 at 444 10 61 

The babies of our mothers who gave birth in our hospital are taken to the baby room by experienced nurses for their first care after birth, and the babies are fed, bathed when necessary, vaccinations, and development follow-up.

Cafeteria service is provided on the ground floor of our hospital. It is open 24/7 and provides service. You can find a variety of food and drinks in the cafeteria. You can order to your room and pay with cash and a credit card.

The call center number of our hospital is 444 0 620. It provides 24/7 service. By calling the Call Center, you can connect with the department or doctor you want and request an appointment from the department you want. You can report your opinions and suggestions through the call center.

Every baby born in our hospital is given a birth certificate and certificate. These documents contribute to the formation of babies' identities and to the preservation of their memories from the first day they are born.

Your discharge procedures will begin with your doctor's decision to discharge. If your procedures are carried out by the floor secretaries and your discharge is given, you can perform your discharge procedures in the Hospitalization and Discharge department. Do not forget to get your prescription, report, and examination results after discharge.

In our hospital, priority is given to elderly and disabled patients.

Our patients receiving treatment in our hospital are not allowed to use electrical appliances in their rooms. The use of power tools can be dangerous for the safety of both our patients and other hospital personnel. Our patients who have to use electrical appliances should report this to the patient services unit.

It is possible for our patients who are treated in our hospital to receive and send faxes, messages, mail, and WIFI (internet). Please apply to the patient rights unit for fax, message, mail, and WIFI (internet) services. Fax, message, mail, and WIFI (internet) services are free, but there is a certain number and size limit.

In our hospital, floor, and room cleaning is done twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. It is held between 07:00 -13:00 in the morning and 17:00-21:00 in the evening. Your linens are changed daily and as needed. You can obtain textiles and other hygiene materials from the personnel in charge according to your needs.

Our Home Healthcare Services are carried out by our experienced doctors and health team, who have full knowledge of the health and treatment process of the patients. According to the needs of our patients, treatment plans are prepared after the evaluation with our specialist physicians. As long as the patients and their relatives' demand, solutions for all health and care are offered at high standards. Our aim is for the patients to regain their health in their homes where they feel good. To benefit from Home Healthcare Services, you can call our call center 444 0 620 24/7 or get service from our website (

The patients who will be admitted to the hospital must have documents such as identity documents, insurance cards and doctor's reports ready. Hospitalization procedures are carried out in the Hospitalization and Discharge Department.

There are emergency call buttons in our patient rooms. Service nurses can be reached from the emergency call buttons. When necessary, the responsible service nurse will provide transportation to our responsible physicians with the help of emergency codes.

Tools such as television, radio, internet, and telephone are provided for hospitalized patients to follow the agenda. These tools help our patients to keep in touch with their social life.

Meal services in our hospital work diligently to provide healthy and delicious meals.

Our Meal Hours:

For Inpatient:

07:00-08:00 snack:10:00
12:30-13:30 snack:15:00
17:30-18:30 Snack 22:00


The patient rights specialist provides moral support to patients and their relatives in order to support our patients in the hospital psychologically and morally. When deemed necessary, guidance is provided to the psychologists. These services have a positive effect on the healing process of our patients.

After you are admitted to your room after your hospitalization procedures, your responsible floor nurse will meet you. All the information you need to know about the room is conveyed by the floor nurse. You can contact the nurse in charge of the service you are in for any issue you need to consult about nursing services. In addition, the nurse call system in the room will enable the nurses to reach you as soon as possible. Your on-duty nurses perform their duty deliveries in the morning and evening by visiting your room.

In accordance with the KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) rules, no information is given to the patient except for himself and his legal heir.


At Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals, we adopt a patient-oriented perspective. Quality and reliable service are provided without any cultural discrimination among patients. Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals offer the best service to protect and improve the health of patients. All patients are important to us and we take care that our patients leave our hospital with satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is measured based on evidence.

 At Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals, palliative care services are provided for our patients who need lifelong treatment regardless of their age or gender. Thanks to our expert staff who have received special training for palliative care, we aim to ensure that our patients lead a comfortable life and minimize negative situations. If you want to benefit from our palliative care service, you can call 444 0 620 24/7 or get service from our website (

The patient rights unit of our hospital works to ensure the satisfaction of our patients and visitors. The patient rights unit deals with the service quality of our hospital, complaints, suggestions, surveys, and social activities. You can call 444 0 620 to contact the Patient Rights unit.

We conduct surveys to measure and improve the service quality of our hospital. Surveys are valuable to us. Patient questionnaires are organized to measure and evaluate the satisfaction of inpatients, outpatients, and patients who apply to the emergency department. These surveys are important to raise the quality standards of the hospital and to get the opinions and suggestions of the patients. You can obtain our surveys from hospital desks.

Patients and their relatives who apply to our hospital encounter a friendly and professional team that welcomes the patients from the moment they enter our hospital. The patient reception unit carries out the registration, consultation, and referral processes of the patients.

You can make your payments to the pre-accounting department in our hospital by cash, credit card, debit card, and money order. Advance payment is requested from our hospitalized patients who are treated in our hospital. You can get information about the advance amount and payment method from the hospitalization unit and pre-accounting officer. You can contact our hospitalization staff for the payment plan.

There is a room of worship located on the 6th floor of A-block for patients and their relatives who want to fulfill their religious obligations.

Eating and drinking: Eating and drinking should be stopped 6 hours before the surgery. Eating or drinking anything can cause you to vomit during anesthesia and get it into the windpipe.

Medications: Before the operation, consult your physician about your special medications such as blood thinners, antibiotics, blood pressure regulators, tranquilizers, and their usage status, and inform your doctor when you last took them.

Pregnancy: In case of pregnancy, the presence or suspicion of pregnancy should be reported to the physician, as the drugs and practices used in the surgery to protect the baby change.

Alcohol-Smoking: If possible, quitting smoking or minimizing the use of cigarettes before the operation facilitates anesthesia and reduces the possibility of lung disease that may occur after the operation. Alcohol should not be taken a few days before the surgery. Alcohol affects the liver negatively and prevents the healthy functioning of the liver after special surgeries.

Identity Wristband: It is a plastic bracelet that is worn during hospitalization after identity verification, has your identity information on it, and should stay on your wrist as long as you stay in the hospital. Check its accuracy and do not remove it as long as you are hospitalized.

Before Entering the Surgery: Lenses, glasses, hearing aids, removable prosthetic teeth, jewelry, buckles, etc., should be removed. Such items may harm you in the operating room, dentures may escape into your respiratory tract. Paints on lips and nails and prosthetic nails should be removed before surgery. Removal of paints and false nails is necessary for us to monitor the oxygenation of your blood.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in our hospital. Smoking harms the health of both you and the patients around you. Please refrain from smoking.

It is possible to request a taxi 24/7 from the taxi stand in front of our hospital. If you need a taxi, our advisory staff will assist you.

Our hospital's technical service team provides 24/7 service. If you have any technical problems in your room or in the hospital, you can report them to our floor nurses and floor staff.

There is a television in your room. You can turn the TV on and off and change channels with the remote control. Take care not to increase the volume of the television to an annoying level.

7/24 Interpreting services are provided in our hospital. English, Russian, and Arabic, translators are available for our foreign patients who apply to our hospital. Interpreter service for other languages is provided if needed.

Patient visits in our institution are free between 08:00 and 22:00 every day. All doors are open for entry and exit until 18:00. After 18:00, the hospital entrance doors are closed. As the emergency unit services are maintained, only the emergency doors (doors 1 and 7) can be entered after 18:00.

Your doctor will come to visit every day to follow up on your condition. Visiting hours are between 08:00-9:00 in the morning and 16:00-17:00 in the evening. During the visits, our doctors evaluate the conditions of our patients, determine their treatment plans, and answer our patients' questions. The presence of patient relatives during visits raises the morale of our patients and contributes to the treatment process.

Admission of visitors to adult intensive care units is under the responsibility of the physician and nurse of the patient who is accepted as a visitor in the relevant intensive care unit. Visiting hours must not exceed 15 minutes and must be 1 person. The routine visiting hours are 11:00-12:00- 15:00-16:00 in the afternoon. In special cases, the number of people may change with the approval of the physician.

The water flowing from the taps in the patient rooms is purified by the central purification system. However, tap water is not drinkable.

When you come to the hospital, you must bring your identity card with your Turkish identity number, driver's license, or private insurance card. These required documents are required in order not to cause any mistakes in the examination or inpatient treatment to be made when you come to the hospital.

Do not forget to bring the medicines you use at home or the names of the medicines with you so that your treatment can be provided completely. It would be beneficial to bring the vitamins, aspirin, and herbal treatments you use, as well as your prescription drugs, and if your physician requests, you should have the relevant x-rays, test results, or reports with you.

Accompanying accommodation is available in our hospital. The accompanying person uses the seat, bed, and necessary textile products reserved for your companion. The morning, lunch, and dinner of your companion are given from the cafeteria of our hospital for a fee.