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Maltepe University

Faculty of Medicine Hospitals

Maltepe University is the last link of the successful education history of Marmara Education Institutions, which started its education service in 1991 with the slogan "From Kindergarten to University". Established by the Istanbul Marmara Education Foundation (IMEV) with the Law No. 4282 dated July 9, 1997, the University is a public legal entity subject to the provisions of the law and regulations of the Law No. 2547 on foundations and higher education institutions.

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine has dynamic and young faculty members whose number is increasing day by day with high scientific quality. Currently, 59 professors, 12 associate professors, 41 doctoral faculty members, 3 specialist physicians, 2 dieticians and 29 research assistants work in our academic staff consisting of 146 teaching staff.

Maltepe University, which is dominated by modern sciences and free thought, has started to serve in the field of health by forming one of the strongest health centers in Turkey. University Faculty of Medicine Hospital; It continues its efforts to protect the health of the people of Turkey, to work for quality and cost-effective health services that everyone can easily access, to protect professional ethics in the best way, and to have a say in every field of medical education. It works for a healthy life with its renewed units, Gynecology and Children's Hospital in Maltepe, and a service understanding that is constantly developing with the latest technological investments.

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals; In the assurance of science, it has aimed to protect human life and health with the aim of preventing diseases with its competent physicians and curing patients by fulfilling scientific requirements. The privileged features of our institution are human love, respect for patient rights, corporate and social responsibility, adherence to principles, superiority in information and technology, creativity and research power under the leadership of science, education, preventive health services and healthy living guidelines. All our privileged features in our current units and departments in our hospital are offered to the service of our people.



"Your health is in the guarantee of science"
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