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What is Hematology?

Some hematological diseases, whose treatment is extremely important, need correct working methods and a correct team. Hematology is basically a branch of lymphatic system, bone marrow and blood related diseases, but it also examines important diseases such as chronic and acute leukemia and lymphoma.
Today, with the advancing technology, the rate of treatment of hematological diseases is gradually increasing and increasing research and studies in this area increase the success of treatment.

What are Hematological Diseases?

Immune-related diseases fall within the field of hematology. However, bleeding and coagulation disorders, in which conditions such as disorders in the blood coagulation system and abnormal clot formation occur, are also included in the hematology department.
Acute and chronic leukemias, bone marrow, lymph and blood gland diseases, anemia and conditions in which the life span of blood cells are shortened are among the other diseases included in the hematology department.

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals Department of Hematology

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals Hematology Department, besides being a department consisting of highly specialized doctors and team, offers services such as bone marrow transplantation unit, therapeutic apheresis unit, outpatient follow-up for hematology patients, outpatient chemotherapy unit, day treatment unit and inpatient service support. we are giving.
Units such as blood stations, genetics and pathology laboratories, intensive care, and radiology, which are necessary for the treatment of hematological diseases, offer the expected service quality, and bone marrow transplantation, which is an important application for the treatment of hematological diseases, is carried out by experienced teams.

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