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Hand Surgery

About Unit

In Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals Department of Hand Surgery, treatment in a wide range of areas from tendon, nerve and vascular injuries to hand and finger ruptures, congenital hand anomalies to hand and finger level fractures, hand tumors to dupuytren's contracture, nail injury from trigger finger, nail ingrown and deformities. service is offered.

Importance of Early Intervention in Tendon, Nerve and Vascular Injuries

Tendon, nerve and vascular injuries mostly occur as a result of work and traffic accidents. These areas, which were damaged by the accident, should be treated as quickly as possible in terms of the health of the organ. Otherwise, permanent damage to hand functions and mobility may occur.

Immediate treatment of vascular injuries is of particular importance. Because the damaged veins cannot carry the blood they need to the tissues, the necessary oxygen will not reach those areas. This will cause the tissues to lose their vitality.

For these reasons, prompt treatment of tendon, nerve and vascular injuries is very important for the health of the organ.

How to Intervent Hand and Finger Cuts?

The ruptures that occur in the hands and fingers are divided into two as partial and complete rupture. In both cases, early intervention is crucial. In partial ruptures, the hand or finger has a slight connection with the body. In the full cop state, the limb no longer has any connection with the body.

The success rate in interventions for hand and finger ruptures depends on the patient's delivery to the hospital with the severed limb as soon as possible. However, there may be cases where the broken piece cannot be sewn back into place depending on the damage it has received.

Fractures in Hand and Fingers

Fractures in the hands and fingers are caused by excessive load on the bones in many cases such as falling, impact, sprain, crushing. Fractures, especially in the hand and finger areas where many small bones are present, manifest themselves with severe pain. The treatment of hand fractures requires a more sensitive and serious treatment than the fractures of the fingers.

Congenital Hand Anomaly and Treatment Method

Congenital hand anomaly is used to describe conditions such as fingers in different angles, attached fingers and extra fingers. In Maltepe University Medical Faculty Hospitals Department of Hand Surgery, patients with congenital hand anomalies are tried to gain a normal hand appearance by surgical interventions.

Hand Tumors

Hand and wrist cysts, glomus and ganglion tumors are the most common hand tumors. These tumors, which tend to grow continuously, cause swelling in the hands and wrists. Even if they are surgically removed, the risk of recurrence is high. For this reason, it requires regular control.

What is Trigger Finger? How Is It Treated?

In trigger finger disease, finger snagging and sudden locking are seen. These locking and snagging occur involuntarily and suddenly, causing severe pain in the fingers. For trigger finger disease, which makes daily life quite difficult, muscle relaxants are tried first. In cases where there is no response from drug therapy, surgical operation is performed by applying microsurgical techniques.

What is Dupuytren's Contracture?

There is a fibrous tissue called palmar apeneurosis under the skin of the palm. Dupuytren's contracture usually results from thickening of this tissue; The disease, which starts with stiffness in the hands and palms, continues by causing contractions and twists in the fingers. In the advanced stages of the disease, it is seen that the mobility of the fingers is lost.

Two methods are used in the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture. Depending on the condition of the disease, cortisone injections are applied or the shrunken tissues are surgically removed.

Nerve Compression Condition

As it can be seen in many parts of the body, nerve compression can occur in the hands, elbows and wrists. Especially cubital tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome are serious diseases that develop due to these nerve compression conditions. In Maltepe University Medical Faculty Hospitals Department of Hand Surgery, patients experiencing nerve compression are treated by applying microsurgical techniques. If this disease is not treated, the patient may experience problems such as loss of sensation and sensation, decrease in movement, and muscle loss in the future.

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