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About Unit

Audiology unit, also known as hearing science, is a field that diagnoses hearing disorders and applies necessary treatments. As a result of audiological examinations, it is understood whether the person has any hearing loss and whether the hearing system is working correctly. Middle ear, inner ear, auditory nerve or brain functions are also included in the audiology unit.

What Complaints Does Audiometry Cover?

If you suspect that you have a hearing loss in your ear, if you have any problems with your balance functions, you should apply to the audiometry department. The most common complaints in the field of audiology are usually otitis media, perforations of the eardrum, and congenital hearing loss. In addition to these, tinnitus and hearing disorders after facial paralysis are also included in the scope of audiometry.

Which Tests Are Performed in the Audiometry Department?

In the field of audiometry, people are tested for hearing in order to make any diagnosis. After measuring the hearing abilities of the people and looking at how their hearing systems work, the necessary treatment methods are determined. Tests for the evaluation of hearing systems in the field of audiometry are listed below.

  • Pure tone audiometry
  • Game audiometry
  • Speech audiometry
  • Brain stem behavioral audiometry
  • Central auditory function tests

In addition to these, special tests called VNG, VEMP, EcochG are performed in order to understand the balance controls for patients with balance loss.

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals Audiometry Department

As Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals with our expert audiologist staff working in the field of audiology, it is our priority to make the most accurate diagnosis and apply the necessary treatments to our patients. In Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals Audiometry department, people who have hearing and balance problems are diagnosed correctly by performing the necessary tests, so that the patient is affected by the problem with the least damage.

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